E-Bike Central provides three different options for Servicing your Electric Bike. 

The electric motor and battery systems on our electric bikes do not require any regular maintenance outside of ensuring they are kept clean and the battery charged. The rest of the bicycle uses standard industry components familiar to all good bicycle mechanics. Therefore, you may get your bike serviced at any reputable bicycle shop, conveniently located to you. Should you have any problems or require repairs to the electrics of your e-bike, we have fully trained and experienced electric bike mechanics able to assist you.

Alternatively for your convenience, you may wish to have your electric bicycle serviced on-site by our fully trained mechanics at your home or workplace using our national fleet of mobile technicians. This service is available in all major metropolitan areas of Australia.

Finally, you may wish to take advantage of our Premium Service with Extended Warranty. This service utilises our mobile service mechanics to visit you on a regular six monthly basis for the three year duration of your extended Warranty Period. During this period, all of your electric bike's components are fully covered against any defects and failures that may occur, except for fair wear and tear, operator damage or abuse. This option is designed to give you full peace of mind and is aimed at those who rely on their electric bicycle as their main form of transport.

Please contact us for further details or if you have any questions.